Not-So-Lazy Susan

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Kitchen Cabinet Solutions

Introducing the Not-So-Lazy Susan, a new standard for corner kitchen cabinets.

Not So Lazy Susan

Transform any wasted corner cupboard into useful kitchen storage space with the Not-So-Lazy Susan.

Old-fashioned corner cabinets fall short on storage space, bow and sag over time and are hard to dig through. The Not-So-Lazy Susan transforms your space into useful cookware storage, freeing up more accessible cupboard space for other pantry items.

Not So Lazy Susan Mid-level Arrestor

Glideware’s Not-So-Lazy Susan’s custom design secures cookware handles with mid-level arresters to prevent pots and pans from banging around. The spring-loaded compression kit adjusts with your cabinets overtime to provide long-term, maintenance free operation.

With easy retrofit options, the Glideware Not-So-Lazy Susan can be installed into most existing corner cabinet system. Organizing your kitchen has never been so easy!

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